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Hi, My name
is Sarah

A Gippsland girl, raised in Warragul and after moving around over the years, i have settled on the Bass Coast with my partner Leigh and our beautiful kelpie, Javi. 

I have always been passionate about food, it is on my mind, all of the time! 

i love to explore local markets and eat my way through every town I visit. i am inspired to create delicious food inspired by these experiences


food school

my greatest passion in life is spending time with children in the food space. whether it be baking, grocery shopping, eating out at cafe’s or pottering in the veggie garden, these times bring me so much joy. 

over the past 6 years I have spent countless hours with my nephews in the kitchen, helping them develop their confidence and knowledge in the food space. a highlight was when my nephew baked and decorated his 5th birthday cake with minimal help from me. 

my strong beliefs that children are extremely capable, when given a safe and calming space to create, led me to open Acacia food school. 

my goal is to provide children with lifelong skills and confidence in the food space, and to be able to nourish themselves and loved ones for many years to come.  


acacia edibles
by Sarah McDonald

I love supporting our amazing local producers, and eating with the seasons. I am passionate about sharing what Gippsland and surrounds has to offer and believe that delicious food shared with your loved ones, is one of life’s most magical moments.



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with love,
sarah x

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